WCOMP Member Meeting 11/30/23 Update

The most recent WCOMP partners meeting took place on 11/30/23 at the Wright State University, Lake Campus.

The agenda for this meeting included an update on our grant activity, Plans for 2024, and the opportunity to discuss and share best practices for recruiting new employees.

A note on future meetings:

In order to help in our planning, the following dates will be set for our scheduled meetings. The Board will meet quarterly unless some business need arises where a special meeting is needed.

The following dates will be set for the Board of Directors meetings: 1/17/24,4/17/24, 7/17/24, and 10/16/24
I anticipate the meetings lasting approximately 1 hour. I prefer late afternoon (2:30PM start time) for these meetings. If another time works better, let us know.

The partners meetings will be on: 1/31/24, 3/27/24,5/22/24, 7/31/24, 9/25/24, and 11/20/24.
These will be scheduled between Noon and 1:30PM.

Please save these dates.

See slides below for more information: